Skala Potamia

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Studios Charis

Studios Harris is in the coastal village of Skala Potamia on the eastern side of Thassos island. Our apartments are build on the side of the ring road.

Skala Potamia is 3.5 km's from Potamia, 3.5 km's to Skala Panagia (Chrisi Ammoudia), 6 km's to Panagia, 13 km's from Limenas (Thassos Town) ferry port and 28 km's to the ferry port at Skala Prinos.

Potamia sits at the foot of the Ipsarion mountain range, overlooked by Ipsarion (1204 meters) itself. It has retained a traditional feeling, with narrow winding streets passing under majestic plane trees. Potamia takes its name from the Greek for 'rivers', there is a good reason for this as it has a higher than average rainfall for the island which bubbles up and forms small streams.