1. Increase / decrease the font size

You may increase or decrease the font size of the website text by using the three "A" buttons at the top left section of the website menu. The "A-" button decreases the font size each time it is pressed. The "A+" button increases the font size each time it is pressed. The "A" button resets the font size to the default values.


2. Easy access to information

You are able to navigate through our website using only your keyboard or mouse. The following sitemap of our website consists of hyperlinks to every page of our website. In addition you can use navigate with only your keyboard by using certain hotkeys. In order to use the hotkeys make sure that your keyboard language has been set to english & simply press the desired key.


3. Accessing information via audio

You are able to hear any selected text in both Greek & English by simply selecting (marking) text with your mouse and clicking on the speaker icon that will appear once you have marked the selected text.